Andy Fairweather Low

Flang Dang

Andy Fairweather Low

March 2, 2023
Malcolm MIlls

Who ya gonna call? Gloombusters.

Well, here’s a cheery piece of news out of the global gloom at the tail end of 2022. Andy Fairweather Low has made a new solo album, which is his first since Sweet Soulful Music in 2006. I was very pleased to be involved with that mini-classic when we put it out on Proper Records (oh boy, is that REALLY sixteen years back?) and I’m even more pleased now to announce that his new offering FLANG DANG will be released by The Last Music Company on 7th of April 2023. You can buy early copies of the CD and VInyl direct from Andy's website here:

Except for Paul Beavis’ perfect drumming throughout, Andy sings and plays all the instruments on these eleven self-penned new songs. Each one is instantly recognisable as his own and continues in the same blues/gospel vein of Sweet Soulful Music. He delivers every burnished word and note from the bottom of his soulful heart and the album’s sound has that elusive patina of maturity. You can’t just paint it on. This is the real thing and a timely reminder of why Andy’s richly deserved place at the top table is as safe as ever.

And if you haven’t seen him on the road with his band The Low Riders, I strongly urge you to find out when their wheels are rolling near you and give yourself a musical treat. It’s a sure cure for the blues and you’ll thank me for the tip off.

So that’s my blues cured. Give it a go yourself.