Sister Suzie

An Introduction

Sister Suzie

February 26, 2021

About a year ago, Brian Nevill sent me some work-in-progress tapes of Sister Suzie with her band - which caught my EAR. 

I quickly went to see them doing a rare show at The Balham Bowls Club - which caught my EYE. 

My ear needed no further convincing. The need for more direct hits on these two vital senses found me shoe-horned into another London gig one night early in 2018. 

Brian introduced me to Suzie afterwards and I offered to help get the record out there if there was ever going to be an album. 

Within weeks I had received and approved the final masters and artwork and so the day will dawn on 31st August 2018 when “Ain’t No Lady” hits the streets. 

In the meantime, if you get a chance to squeeze into one of her gigs, I advise you to get there early and stay hydrated to avoid the need for medical attention. ~ Malcolm Mills