Hannah White ~ Sweet Revolution

Hannah's Sweet Revolution

Hannah White ~ Sweet Revolution

December 9, 2023
Malcolm Mills

Although I had met Hannah and Keiron in 2022 via their marvellous venue in Sutton (The Sound Lounge), I wasn’t really aware of the music they made. But, when I heard Hannah’s own composition “Car Crash” win the coveted award for song of the year at the January 2023 Americana UK festival, it was clear that she had a great talent for songwriting and performing.

As most of you will know, the Last Music Company is my retirement project and I constantly resist the temptation to get involved with any commercial music releases other than those in which I have a direct involvement or a special relationship with the artist. So when Keiron contacted me to say that Hannah had got a new album ready for release and they were looking for a way to get it into the marketplace, I offered some advice and requested a listening copy…for my own interest.

It should have come as no surprise to me that this was a very well-crafted album of songs because they come straight from the heart and soul of someone who is a true original. Each song is grown from the seeds of her personal experiences and observations. Like all popular writers, her subject matter chimes with a broad cross-section of people who have encountered similar situations but have not had the ability to transform their own experiences to such therapeutic effect. After you finish this article, you can listen to the podcast we did together, linked below, to get a real insight into the sources of inspiration for her constant musical evaluation of life’s twists and turns.

You know what comes next. Of course I couldn’t resist extending the offer to release the album in the hope of spreading the word on this wonderful person. It’s fantastic. There’s so much to it. Great songs, great singing, great playing, great production…what more do you need to know. I had to do it.

As you’ll find out if you haven’t already, Hannah is a much-needed breath of clean, fresh air in a murky world and in my view, Sweet Revolution could not have arrived at a better time.