Rosie Flores New Release

Rosie Flores New Release

February 26, 2021
Malcolm Mills

2019 kicks off with us unpacking a SIMPLE CASE OF THE BLUES.

When Rosie Flores laid the finished album on me in mid-2018, I was knocked out with what I heard…but had to be patient and wait until Spring 2019 to get it released.

I’d never heard Rosie playing the blues but after a few seconds of the opening track - Love Don’t Love Nobody - I knew that this was no sudden diversion for her.  After hearing the whole album, I was ready to testify that the girl once known as the Rockabilly Filly has blues in her blood.  Rosie’s long-time residence in Austin Texas had infused her already unique style and produced a real treat of an album.

With perfectly selected material, a great band and Charlie Sexton and Kenny Vaughn handling production, it was no surprise that every track hit the spot for me.

Now it’s your turn…so start unpacking.