Jimmie Vaughan

The Pleasure's All Mine

Jimmie Vaughan

February 26, 2021
Malcolm Mills

Some music just NEEDS to be released on vinyl and I think it’s fair to say that Jimmie Vaughan’s recordings are absolutely essential listening on that format. If you’ve not yet experienced the enormous pleasure of hearing Jimmie on wax…now’s your chance.

Around 2010, we released a couple of albums in Jimmie’s “Blues, Ballads and Favorites” series showcasing a fine collection of examples of his faultless approach to recording this music. The originals are out of print now and the vinyl versions have become very expensive and sought-after collectors’ items.

Ten years on, in the wake of Jimmie’s 2020 Grammy nomination, the time is right to re-issue these as one complete body of work on vinyl (and as a 2CDset). For maximum high-fidelity, the vinyl is spread over three discs with nice deep grooves and you’ve never heard anything like it.

Entitled “The Pleasure’s All Mine”, the music is of a consistently high standard because Jimmie’s only gone into the studio when he’s got a track or two just ready to put down. And it’s always with the right guys and the right gear - and every time it’s like he’s cutting juke box 45s back in the days when the best cars had fins and several yards of chrome.

I love these records. Guaranteed, there’s absolutely nobody around these days who does stuff like this anymore.

Also being re-issued as a limited edition (1,000) vinyl on the same day (30th October 2020) is Jimmie’s fabulous live trio recording from C-Boys in Austin, Texas, which perfectly captures him with Mike Flanigin on the big Hammond B3 and Frosty Smith behind the drums, all grooving like mad late into the night.

I’d like to say “The Pleasure’s All Mine” but it can easily be yours too.