The Last Music Company

Well, here we are then.

The Last Music Company

February 26, 2021
by Admin
London, UK

Well, here we are then. The Last Music Company opens its doors to the w-w-w-world, so you get to see everything we’ve got. Currently, you’ll find the small (but perfectly formed) catalogue that forms our springboard into the future.

There are four releases in the pipeline for the rest of 2018 and a couple of longer-term projects already underway for 2019. We plan to bring you early news on everything we’re doing as soon as masters and artwork are approved, and we have a firm date for each of the individual albums.

The four albums scheduled for the immediate future are all by different artists from the ones listed on the website. Sign up for our Spam-Free newsletter below, for news as it occurs, exclusive products, and offers available only to subscribers.

Stay tuned...